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Studio Rentals in San Diego

Elevate Your Media Production with Icon Industries Studio Rentals

Unlock the power of storytelling. We handle everything, so you can focus on delivering impactful content.

At Icon Industries, we provide top-tier studio rental services in San Diego, offering a range of versatile and professional sets designed to suit various types of media production. From podcast recording to YouTube filming and professional photoshoots, our studio sets are ready to make your vision come to life.

Studio A: Lounge Podcast Set & White Cyclorama

Welcome to Studio A, where modern design meets comfort. Our lounge podcast set offers a relaxed yet professional environment perfect for hosting your podcast sessions. Equipped with top-quality audio and visual equipment, Studio A ensures your content is captured at its finest.

Studio A also features a white cyclorama, providing a seamless, unending backdrop for photography and videography. This versatile set is ideal for fashion shoots, product photography, music videos, and much more. Create infinity effects, add your own props, or utilize lighting techniques to produce stunning visuals.

A view of Icon Industries' Studio A Lounge set, stylishly designed and professionally equipped for high-quality video and podcast production, illustrating our commitment to providing top-tier environments for our clients' creative endeavors.
Behind-the-scenes view of the Icon Industries podcast studio featuring a host and guest engaging in an insightful conversation

Studio B: Modern YouTuber & Business Professional Sets

Step into Studio B and experience our Modern YouTuber and Business Professional sets. Designed with the latest trends in mind, our Modern YouTuber set helps content creators produce engaging and aesthetically pleasing videos.

Our Business Professional set in Studio B offers a more formal setting, ideal for corporate videos, professional interviews, webinars, and more. Showcase your professionalism and establish your brand’s presence with our high-quality set.

Why Choose Icon Industries Studio Rentals?

  • Location: Centrally located in the heart of San Diego, our studios are easily accessible and offer a variety of amenities.
  • Versatility: Our studio sets are designed to cater to a wide range of production needs. Whether you’re recording a podcast, filming a YouTube video, or conducting a professional photoshoot, our sets can adapt to your requirements.
  • Professional Equipment: All our studio rentals come equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, ensuring your content is captured with the highest quality.
  • Experienced Team: Our team of industry professionals are on-hand to assist with your production needs, providing expertise and support whenever you need it.

Whether you’re an established creator or a rising star in the making, Icon Industries Studio Rentals in San Diego is committed to providing you with an exceptional production experience. Contact us today to book your next session.

Hosts Tim and Crystal from the 'Wild West Homebrew Podcast' comfortably seated in Studio B at Icon Industries. Their relaxed demeanors reflect the welcoming and conducive environment our studio provides for podcast recording.
An engaging moment captured in Studio A where the 12th Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA), Jack L. Tilley, hosts the 'Your Next Mission Podcast,' interviewing Col Ed Hiner. The image showcases Icon Industries' commitment to facilitating insightful conversations with influential figures in a professional studio setting.

Contact Us

To learn more about our studio rental services or to book a session, please get in touch with us at [Contact Information]. We look forward to helping you create your next masterpiece.

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